Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Desperation And The Road To The Final Floor 27"x 34"

The problem with freedom is that it is free of the things, mental or physical, that encumber or trap a person or group. To be free is to be empty of all those things that bind that person or group. The problem with emptiness is that there is nothing to hold on to - no binding. The shock of that can lead to thrashing about like a drowning person desperately reaching for something stable, something "real". The problem with that is, what "real" means is something familiar. The problem with that is, the familiar is so because it is predigested - already experienced in some form. Something already experienced is past experience. To wish for a repeat of that experience and the memory it brings, is the road to disappointment. It can not be repeated. So now we have, simultaneously, unfamiliar emptiness, and the effort to recreate a non repeatable familiar. What we have now is the recipe for: DESPERATION AND THE ROAD TO THE FLOOR.

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