Brain Baggage Unbound

Let Me Out;The Still Point Is A Portal To The Abyss   23"x 18"
Boxed In; Nothing Under The Rock Is The Most Valuable Thing That Could Be Found  23"x 18"
Fanning the Fry; Embracing the Given 23"x 21"
Head Rest 23"x 18" 
Flora Tickled Pink 27"x 16"
Bottom Bobbin; The Dark Night of Knowing 27"x 30"
Finding My Way in the Dark 29"x 24"
Fear of the Deep 20.5"x 33.5"
Putting it Mildly 20"x 32"
Flowering of the Been Gonzo 32"x 17"
Yes, There's More 33"x 16.5"
Pushing the Limit 20"x 26.5"
Meaning Induced Stupor 30"x30" 
Plucked and Shaken 31"x 25"
Dualism And It's Inherent Flaw   30"x 36"
The Rope Trick 34"x 30.5"
Internal Scuffle 39"x 44.5"
Studio Stew 37"x 36"
Dog Breath on the Party Tray; Christening The Sudden Death Of Reason   34"x33"
The Depths of Self Analysis 36"x 33"
Perpetually Ridiculous 29"x 40"
Open Later 34"x 21"
Making Connections 27"x 16"
Victory Garden Dawning 22"x 13.5"
Beneath the Surface 26.5"x 22"
I'll Do The Thinking 25.5"x 19.5" 
Beginner's Mind 25"x 18"
Finding Emptiness; Both Sides Together Equal One Hole   26.5"x 18"
Splendor Emergent 25"x 18.5"
Lost On The Way
The Shaft; Shit By The Pound  20"x 26"  mixed 
Stone Soul  32"x 20"  mixed
Diving For Pearls  35"x 29"   mixed

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