Brain Baggage II

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Call Of The Absurd  36"x 24" mixed
Getting Ahead   27"x 30" mixed
Boating On The Bank   32"x 39.5" mixed
Weighting On Spring   29"x 33" mixed
Fly On The Pie   16.5"x 37" mixed
Tail Spin   36"x 47" mixed
Knowing the Unknown by Unknowing the Known   27"x 16.5" mixed
Belching Bliss 18"x 24" mixed
Fresh Flowers Brighten A Room   30"x 22"  mixed
Habit Shelters The Fear Of Being Lost By Imposing The Pain Of Entrapment  33"x 24"  mixed
Time On My Hands Plays Tricks On My Brain  25"x 24"  mixed
My Prize Canary  24"x 30"  mixed
Clock Terror  29"x 25"  mixed
Sucked Through A Pigeonhole  40"x 31"  mixed
Calamity Afoot  40"x 37"   mixed
Meteor And Cherry Pie Mess  55"x 51" mixed
Well, Well, Well... 46"x 36"  mixed  
Typical Brain Cage  40"x 36" mixed
Close Inspection Dissolves The Apparent Into The Presence Of Emptiness  26"x 27"  mixed
Everything's Coming Up Roses  27"x 36"  mixed
Playful Puppy Pot 37"x 31"  mixed
True Blue 37"x 31" mixed
Apple Of My Eye  39"x 25"  mixed
Honk If You're Happy  20"x 36"  mixed
Twisted Love  48"x 30"   mixed
Make A Joyful Noise  (approx.) 40"x 34"   mixed

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