Brain Baggage Unbound II


Don't Look Away 29"x 13"  mixed

Finding Bedrock; The Petrified Mind  24"x 15.5"  mixed

Picasso Ate Me  23"x 18"  mixed

Surfing The Bottom  20"x 37"  mixed

Your Eyes Are Like Windows To A Box  22.5"x 22.5"  mixed

Hidden Variables In Light Of  Rock Bottom  29"x 35"  mixed

A New Outlook With A Larger More Forgiving Head  20"x 27"  mixed

Houdini In Mind 24"x 31" mixed

Gravity Bound Purpose Diversion 22.5"x 25.5" mixed

Toyland; Foreshadowing Eternity At Play 22"x 24.5" mixed

Let's Try That In Reverse   23"x 25" mixed

Another Cycle of Life in the Face of Collapsing Expectations 24"x 21" mixed

Baited Breath  24"x 31"  mixed

High On Life  24"x 30"  mixed

The Sound Of The Break Down  25"x 23"  mixed

Desperation And The Road To The Final Floor  27"x 34"  mixed

Backsliding; His Ceiling Is Bottomless 18"x 25"  mixed

The Philosopher Stoned  28"x 18.5z' mixed
Profiling The Present; Finding Meaning In The Dump Of  Disregard  27"x 25.5"
Deep Head 16"x 21" mixed

Sprung Free 34"x 16.5"  mixed

By The Light Of The Silvery Tube  24"x 20" mixed

Bonafide Top Nut; A Mind Set In Stone 21"x 18" mixed

Knee Deep In The Ridiculous; Absurdity Weighs In And Bears Fruit  27"x 20"  mixed

The Shadow Of Your Smile  18"x 18"  mixed

Finding The Exit 22"x 17"  mixed

The Sound Of Free Bird On A Dog Whistle  29"x 20"  mixed

Edge Of The Ordinary 18"x 30"  mixed
You Can't Think Outside The Box Because Thinking Is The Box  28"x 20  mixed
The Unknown Is Perfectly Clear 14"x 18"  mixed

Awakening Invention 21"x 25"  mixed

Fruit Flies  34"x 16"  mixed

I'm In Your Head  30"x 14"  mixed

Grin And Bear It  30"x 18"  mixed
Small Talk  17"x 15"  mixed
It's Always Now; The Gravity Of Avoidance  18"x 48" mixed
Voyage In Outer Place  13"x 40"  mixed
Bull's Eye At The Heart Of Unknowing  24"x 28"  mixed

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