Oddlings, etc. unconstrained


Sketter's Baffling Behavior; A Larger View From A Smaller Head
All Come Free 18"x 47" mixed
Awakened in the Light of Nature 22.5"x 44"
Caught in the Light of Mind 24"x 54" mixed
High on the Range 22"x 59" mixed
Night of the Play Thing 16"x 39" mixed
Skeeter's Baffling Behavior 18.5"x 48" mixed 
Bow Diddly 16"x 48" mixed
The Force of Attraction; Twisted By Avarice  27"x 28" mixed
Twigister 23.5"x 17.5"
Awakening Underland 25"x 38.5" mixed
 Undermind 34.5"x 61.5" mixed
Twang (approx.) 14"x 24" mixed
Down By The Edge (approx.) 22"x 30" mixed
The Squirm; Pretending A Shared Lie Is The Truth  17"x 34"
Minding The Garden (detail)
Earth Bound Clowns  (detail)
Friends Of Ding And Danny Dong  (detail)
Earth Bound Aliens  
God, I Can't Deal With This Now 20.5"x 24" mixed
The Pinkies; Inside The Fly 29"x35" mixed
In The Valley Purdee Sports Boots  24"x 22" mixed
When You're Smiling Everyone Smiles With You  35"x 19" mixed
Stumpstein (detail) From: Upon Reflection Stumpstein Recoiled Leaving Squntche Completely Mystified   33.5" x 32"
Seeing The Unseen   28.5"x 61"  (detail)
The Pinkies; In A Squeeze 29"x 35"  mixed
The Flip Side 17.5"x 40"  mixed
Monomane 35"x 15"  mixed
Pertwilla Millakore  32"x 16"  mixed
J.Free 30"x 13"  mixed
Pug Weenis 24"x 14"
Dancing On The Head Of A Pin; Visible Whispers On The Edge Of Understanding  29"x 32" 
I'm Testing The Theory That Two Heads Are Better Than One  20"x 20"
Hey Man, Did I Tell You I Discovered How To Float?  16"x 28"

Hump Day In The Garden Of Androgenee  26.5"x 43" 

I'm Going To Climb In Your Head And Fart  30"x 20"

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