Brain Baggage Unbound III

Finding The Lost Art As It Always Will Be   24"x 22"  mixed
It Won't Go Away; Shadowed By How It Should Be  20"x 37.5"  mixed 
Anchored In The Abyss  25"x 20" mixed
Snapped Off At The Head
Who's In Your Head? 38"x 20"  mixed 
Things Are Looking Up  27"x 20"  mixed
Blocked By Thought  27"x 20"  mixed
Tuned To The Standard Frequency 22"x 20"  mixed
As His Hair Grew, The Plan Reached New Optimum Levels Of Possibility  34"x 20"  mixed
The Voice Came From Nowhere  25"x 23"  mixed
I Dreamed I Was A Lollipop  26"x 16"  mixed
Everything Is What It Is Which Is What It Isn't  26"x 18"  mixed

Beauty Looks Different These Days  20"x 33"   mixed

Over And Out; Finding Nothing As An Answer, And Nothing Is The Answer  20"x 27"  mixed 

Opera Cream; Beauty In A Foreign Tongue  28.5"x 20"  mixed

It's Dawning On Me 28.5"x 20" mixed

Under The Big Top  20"x 30"  mixed
Endogenous Mind Fly  32"x 16"  mixed
Attachment And The Force Of Doubt  24"x 22"  mixed
Cultural Gestation   or  Flush It Out; Regurgitating The Nature Of Stupid    20"x 21" 

Finding Nothing  20"x 36"

Flute Sound; Drawing Out The Poison  31.5"x 16.5"

Going Head First 20"x 20"

Hey Liars  16"x 20.5"

Lining Up With His Head In The Neutral Zone   20"x 28"

Thinking From The Bottom And Acting Up  29"x 12.5"

Bottoming Out In The Depth Of Reason  23"x 20"
The Dump In His Head  26"x 19"

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